LocationTxT is a way to use your imagination to text and have it read where you want it to be read. You don’t simply send a text and have it read by the recipient.

With LocationTxT you send a message to a person’s email address. But before you send the message, you pick a spot in Google Maps (coordinates), which will require the recipient to physically go to that spot with their device to unlock and read your message. If the recipient doesn’t physically go to that spot, they’ll never be able to read your message.

We do not track your GPS location or keep any record of it. When the app is running, you have to click to refresh your location to check if you are at the location to unlock a message. If the coordinates match, your message is unlocked.

We do not store your messages in the “Cloud.” All messages are stored on our server.

Nobody likes ads, so we have none, hence the need to charge for the app.

You cannot track the recipient’s location, and the recipient cannot track your location. This not a tracking app. As the sender, you will receive no notification via the app that the recipient went to the location. However, depending on user feedback, we may implement in the future allowing the sender to see if the message was unlocked.

WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH LocationTxT? Some ideas include: treasure hunt clues, secret messages that can only be read at a particular location, messages to employees, routing people to private events, group get together, message coupons to customers, have persons go somewhere to see something surprising, send yourself a reminder for when you arrive somewhere, etc. We are not wise enough to tell you all the ways you can use it, but we are wise enough to realize there are a lot of ways! Use your imagination…that’s the best part!

WHY THE $5.99 PRICE? LocationTxT is a startup. We need to proceeds to operate and develop infrastructure.



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Category: Communication
Requirements: 4.4 and up