There are thousands of people who love to explore but they can’t afford tours and trips as they cost too much money and time. So to fulfill their desire people love to explore the world by visiting the world famous places virtually. It means people (virtual Tourists) go to live maps and search for tourists places like Eiffel Tower in Paris, Bull fighting Arena in Spain, GREAT WALL OF CHINA, Niagara Falls from Canada, Blue lagoon In Iceland and much more . Usually Maps give the aerial view of the satellite images of the selected places. Now with our application tourists can visit the Historical places on the ground. (Demonstration is in the screen images)

We are offering live street view on the globe earth to visit your favorite places like you are there. Just search your desired place you want to go (virtual visit) and point the area. The next moment you will be there. You can move around easily. Explore the skyscrapers of Dubai, walk through the streets of ancient Rome, and explore the famous beaches and buildings around your place. With Live Street View & Driving Route Maps, application now the world tour is in your hands. Anywhere anytime just open the app and start exploring the world famous tourists places.

Driving Route Map
Route Map is most prominent and useful feature of Live Street View & Driving Route Maps, actually for every GPS Rote Map application ,the Route finder option is a key. But when it comes with the Driving Navigation, it behaves like a “GPS Car / Vehicle Navigation System”. Turn by turn navigation guidance along the route to the destination. Voice navigation activates when you start trip on a route. Total distance and an estimated time of arrival will be displayed on dashboard view screen. Driving route option calculates the speed of vehicle using GPS and updates the distance and estimated time. Turn on Driving Route Map, enter the destination and sit tight .

Classic map
World Map view is classical and customized. Make route on 2D map at any devices which is not suported 3D maps.

Compass is designed in Live Street View & Driving Route Maps for easy navigation to the destination. GPS Compass will direct you towards the destination. If you focus on driving and just look at the compass to avoid the wrong direction.

GPS Based Current address
A new and unique option, GPS Based Current address. When we click on “My location” or “Get My Location” Button on a Map to pin our location as a start point, GPS will get your location and marks as a start point. But with this new GPS Map feature, Address of the current location (your location) will be displayed. Now you can share this address with your desired person along with the location on map.
To give the best and accurate GPS based Map services to the users and tourists, is our first priority.

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Category: Maps & Navigation
Requirements: 4.1 and up