6 level info of books is collected to help you match the right books, including Lexile, GLE(Grade Level Equivalent), DRA(Developmental Reading Assessment), GR(Guided Reading), Age Group and Grade.

– Scan a book’s ISBN or read the ISBN photo from album to view details like 6 level info, book rating, reviews and introduction
– Search for a book by ISBN, title and author
– Share your book lists as CSV files to anyone
– Create and manage book lists for your children, students and yourself
– Add books to your book lists
– Our support team will endeavor to collect books to expand our database

Depending on the 6 level info we provide, we are committed to helping you match your children and students with the right books. Make it easy to level and organize your books here. The best tool for educators and parents.

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Category: Education
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up