Hit and tap on the black tiles of the piano and music game! Bringing you the best of the music classic songs this piano tile gives you the chance to play the musical instrument of piano for the very popular song Gucci gang by singer and rapper Lil Pump! Lil pump is very famous for singing in his mumble rap which is a unique singing technique and he got very famous for the song Gucci gang soon after its release! Now as you can see people are developing games like piano tiles solely to play the Gucci gang album by lil pump to see and hear new versions to the song!

• Endless piano tile levels
• Lil pump songs
• Piano simulation
• Rearranged cover of the songs
• Tap and fast tap feature
• Tapping on the black tile gives points only
• Receive gifts as level speed increases
• Score board feature
• Fast tapping music game
Collecting bonus points

Category: Music Music & Video
Requirements: 4.0 and up