★ AirLogic Remote Control ★

Lost your original AirLogic Remote control? This App is another option for controlling the AirLogic bladeless fans and heaters. Infrared remote control for AirLogic Fans and heaters. The remote control will work ONLY on smartphones with built in Infrared Blaster Hardware
like HTC One m8,m9,m9 plus etc, Samsung Galaxy S4,S5,S6.


★ Like the real remote control
★ Heptic feedback
★ Completely replaces your existing remote control
★ Remote Control Range – *10 meters LOS (See note 1)

Supported AirLogic Products:

★ AirLogic AW300


1. Start the App AirLogic Remote control.
2. Point your Smartphone towards the AirLogic unit
3. Tap on the power button to power on the unit.
3. You can also set a ON / Off timer by tapping on the timer button


★ A Smartphone with a built in IR Blaster that supports the Android Consumer IR API
★ Tested on HTC One m8,m9,LG G3,Xiaomi MI4C, Samsung Galaxy S4,S5,S6 or a tablet with IR Blaster

Please do not leave negative feedback if your smarphone does not have a built in Infrared Blaster hardware.

*Note 1: Please note that if you are abaut to control a device that is located outdoor, you may have to stay close to the device in order to be able to control it as there are cases where daylight blocks infrared signals. In this case the remote control range will be reduced to 1-2 meters.

*** Need a custom remote for you products? Contact us via phone or email below. ***

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Category: House & Home
Requirements: 2.2 and up