Do you worry if your family reached their destination every morning to their school, work or any other place? Do you worry when they don’t answer your calls or reply to text messages? Stop worrying. Create a family map and track your loved ones on it.

Kin redefines how we connect with people in our lives. Imagine if we could put our family and friends on a map. And watch them drive around town. That too in real time. With Kin you can do just that. It’s a simple and secure way of sharing your location on your terms.

Family map:
Create family map and stay connected with your loved ones 24/7

Group maps:
Create group maps with your friends and simply coordinating meet ups. Everybody shares location when they are ready to leave for the event. No more calling and texting to figure out where friends are.

Add any number of places and share them on maps with your friends. Everybody on the map will get notified automatically when other people arrive or leave from this place. Notifications work only when the participants are sharing their location on the map.

Sharing is personal:
We understand that your location is personal and nobody should be able to see it without your permission. And that’s why we designed Kin with a principal of “Share. Not track”. It is you who initiates the sharing. Nobody can just track your location on Kin.

It is private:
Kin lets you share a private map with people you trust. You control who you want on your private map.

It is voluntary:
Just because your friends are on your private map does not mean they can see your location all the time.
Your friends can see your location only when you share it with them. Similarly, you can see your friends only when they are sharing location with you. Everybody shares on their on terms.

It is temporary:
Location sharing stops automatically after the timer ends. So just start sharing location and forget about it. Of course you can stop sharing location before the timer ends. You are always in control.

Maps are now live:
Location updates are fast! Whether your friends are driving or walking, you can watch them move around smoothly on the map. Everything happens in real time!

Kin uses your Contacts to discover other people who are also using Kin. And everybody you care about is already in your phone’s address book.

Kin is kind on your phone’s battery. It turns on phone’s GPS smartly only when it needs to.


We’re so excited to get Kin in your hands. Tell us how you are using Kin! You can always reach us for questions, comments, suggestions.

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* Data charges may apply. Please contact your mobile operator for data rates.
* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Category: Parenting
Requirements: 4.3 and up