The KellerMobile™ application is used by commercial motor vehicle drivers to capture hours of service duty status information, replacing the driver’s paper daily log book. To be compliant with hours of service regulations, this application also requires the use of J. J. Keller® electronic logging hardware and an online subscription to the Encompass® Fleet Management System.

The J. J. Keller® electronic logbook is compliant with both AOBRD (as defined in 395.15) and ELD (as defined in Part 395 Subpart B and Part 395 Appendix) regulations. Our electronic logging device is self-certified and on the FMCSA ELD registry.

Data is captured from the engine via a hardline connector from the engine’s diagnostic port into the ELog hardware. The hardware continuously records and stores engine data. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth from the hardware to the handheld smart device. The KellerMobile™ application uses a driver-friendly interface to present the hours of service data to drivers. Data from the smart device is transmitted via cellular connection to the J. J. Keller® Encompass® online back office for hours of service reporting and compliance.

Compliance Alerts – The system continuously checks driver’s behavior against the current DOT hours of service rules and presents alerts of impending violations for drive time, on duty time, 30-minute rest break, weekly hours, and more.

HOS Rule Sets – Many state and industry rule sets including US 60/70, US and TX oil field, Canadian cycle 1 & 2, AK, 100 & 150 exempt, FL, CA intrastate (property & passenger), US construction, and more.

Roadside Inspection Mode – Supports AOBRD and ELD regulatory requirements, including mobile display and Telematics Data Transfer Method.

Vehicle Inspections(DVIRs) – Driver-friendly interface supports pre- and post-trip vehicle inspection process.

Additional Functionality – Supports team driving, yard moves, hyrail, personal conveyance, exempt logging, border crossing and multi-user login

Compliance Expertise – This patented technology was developed by J. J. Keller & Associates, the industry’s leader in regulatory compliance and driver logging since 1953 and is covered by one or more U.S. patents and patents pending. See

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