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Search for the right jobs for you, find jobs anywhere, and quickly apply to jobs with a tap of your finger with the free Job Search app by CareerBuilder. No need to login to see the variety of employment openings available across the country. Quickly apply to jobs from your phone and manage your job search anytime, anywhere. With CareerBuilder’s mobile app, you can search and apply the most up to date job postings from anywhere at your fingertips. For over 20 years, CareerBuilder has put America to work, helping millions of everyday people find jobs and hundreds of thousands of employers find the talent they need to be successful.
Let CareerBuilder guide you through the job search and apply process. Browse our exhaustive list of job openings and then create an account when you see the ones right for you. Upload your resume (use Dropbox, Google Drive, …) or other applications to let employers find you. Let employers search for people like you when looking to hire the best talent to fill their local jobs.
Found and applied for a job you like? Let CareerBuilder find similar jobs just like that one and apply to multiple jobs at once. Don’t like them all, select and apply only to the jobs you want.
Find your dream job and career path with personal job searches, share or save jobs for later, or manage your job application history. Need to prepare for that upcoming interview? Review the job description details by pulling up your application history and see the job description again.
Fine Tune Your Job Search:
·         Quickly and simply search jobs based on job title, location, or keywords
·         Use your device GPS to find the nearest jobs openings for you
·         Search locally using your GPS location or anywhere in the US
·         Filter results by pay, education, or the items that matter the most to you
Create an account to do more than explore
·         Let CareerBuilder recommend job openings that may be right for you
·         See similar jobs to the ones you applied for and apply to them all at once
Upload a resume to be found and apply
·         Add a resume for employers to bring their jobs to you
·         One tap Quick Apply instantly from within the app
Manage Your Jobs:
·         Track the jobs you have applied to and saved
·         View your job application history
·         Save jobs to view and apply to later
The CareerBuilder Job search app is the easiest way to find the jobs you want, apply to jobs, and manage your job search from anywhere at any time!