iWave is designed for JEEP enthusiasts by Jeep Enthusiasts. iWave notifies you of approaching iWave JEEP user, sends a WAVE to passing JEEPS and saves your FAVORITES! *******HANDS FREE*******NEVER MISS A WAVE AGAIN & NEVER NOT GET A WAVE FROM AN iWAVE USER.

As the iWaveTheApp Jeep Family Grows, the landing page of the app will be filled with Jeeps for viewing and saving that are within your area. As we grow in your area, Available Jeeps will be filled as well with Jeeps closer to you that you may cross paths with at Jeep events or daily driving, and will be able to share an iWave with.

How iWave/iWaveTheApp Works:

You do not have to have the app open. It’s designed to send a notification as users are coming infront of you. Based on phones volume setting you will hear a ding (if volume up) with the notification sent to your phone – it says ‘Hypercon’ (my jeep name is my set default wave) is approaching get ready to wave. If you click on that notification, the app will open to a picture of the jeep approaching with the wave button at the bottom…

When you get a notification that a jeep is approaching it will say ‘Jeep approaching get ready to wave’ and have the Jeep that passed you on the notification. When You send a iWave, they will see your Jeep inside the waving icon. When you receive a iWave, it will show the Jeep that sent it.

Once you press wave, it will bring you to the Jeep Wave Buttons. If behind the wheel, you will do any and all interacting when you stop driving… or if you have a passenger with you, they can hit the button easier then changing the radio.

You can send the top wave by hitting the button… this is your default wave… person receiving will see .. wave from ‘Hypercon’ as mine is set to jeep name

Middle button send them a ‘nice jeep’

Bottom button is if your aren’t in your jeep, maybe in the passenger seat of another’s car.. you’d send ‘wavin from my other’

If you are hands free… after you pass another Jeep, it will automatically send the default wave to the other user notifications so you do not have to touch your phone while driving and you can see and send the iWaves to all the Jeeps you passed that day.

iWave will function to its FULLEST ability with the more users we have. CHECK IT OUT and share with your JEEP friends and clubs! We THANK EVERYONE for your SUPPORT and look forward to growing this APP with our BIG JEEP FAMILY. If you have any questions or feedback to make iWAVE more user-friendly, please email us at: iWaveTheApp@gmail.com or CHECK US OUT and WATCH THE VIDEO OF HOW IT WORKS on Facebook (@iWaveTheApp), or Instagram (@iWaveTheApp)(#iWave)

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Requirements: 5.0 and up