No more flash cards – just relax completely into a mobile game of learning Taigi that is truly fun and unlike any of your previous attempts to learn Taigi 0-29 by technique names! No need for paper or written lists as the complete guide to Taigi 0-29 are also added as a reference guide.

This is also a great refresher tool before class, performance, practice, and testing for both uke and nage alike.
Even when you want to just refresh over one Taigi to clarify, even a handful or all of them, randomly picking and choosing to personally test yourself and develop the memorization that can help you prepare and become comfortable in Taigi demonstrations as nage or uke.

Learning the movements by exact names, times, and in correct order of the Ki-Aikido Taigi is now Interactive and mobile from your smartphone with a touch-screen, interactive, gaming-type fun!. No longer just video or academic memorization, now you can be learning anywhere, anytime as you always have you smartphone with you. Enjoy the fun of learning!

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.0 and up