Ease your young learner’s transition into kindergarten and first grade by joining our virtual expedition made up of over 900 fun, engaging activities. The preschool and kindergarten curriculum has never been so fun! It feels like play, but Intellijoy Kids Academy will leave your child confident and ready to begin school on the right foot. Excitement and motivation come naturally with built-in prizes that will allow your child to get hats for the avatar and virtual toys for the toy room.

This is not yet another Intellijoy app — but a culmination of a years-long effort to turn our acclaimed apps into a holistic, step-by-step kindergarten and 1st grade preparation program.

“I am a child educator, Junior K through fifth grade. Also a parent of a 2.5 yr old who LOVES your products. Keep up the great work, A++!”

Intellijoy Kids Academy is a completely safe environment for children – there is no advertising or ability for an external party to contact your child.

Subscription Rate
Lessons 1 through 20 are free, with no sign-up required. Beyond lesson 20 – you will need to choose from one of the following three subscription plans:
• $5.99/month
• $47.88/year – save 33% compared to monthly!
• $14.97/quarter – save 15% compared to monthly!
You can cancel a subscription at any time from within the app itself or on Google Play.

Academic Levels
Preschool (Age 3+)
Pre – K (Age 4+)
Kindergarten (Age 5+)*

Curriculum areas
Literacy Unit
Fundamental language skills are a cornerstone of a successful start in school. The Intellijoy Kids Academy is designed to ensure your young learner is ready to meet new challenges and excel as a budding reader. Our step-by-step curriculum and fun, engaging content will help your child become ready for lifelong success.

Learning letter names and sounds
Tracing uppercase & lowercase letters
Differentiating between uppercase and lowercase letters
Finding letters inside words
Arranging the letters in the alphabetical order
Associating a letter sound with the word that begins with it
Understanding the difference between vowels and consonants*

Blending sounds into words*
Understanding word families*
Forming simple words from letters
Forming CVC words
Reading sight words*
Matching rhyming words*

Math Unit
A solid foundation of age-appropriate math skills will ensure your young learner is ready for the challenges of the formal classroom. Intellijoy Kids Academy systematically moves kids through fun, curiosity-inspiring math curriculum that ranges from numerals and numerical ordering to identifying shapes in real world settings.
Learning the names of shapes
Identifying shapes
Finding shapes in everyday life

Forming numbers using puzzle pieces (1-9)
Learning names of numbers (1-100)
Tracing numbers (1 – 100)
Learning the numerical order (1-100)
Comparing numerals (1-100)

Identifying groups of 1, 2 or 3 objects
Counting the total number of objects (1-10)
Associating a number of objects with a written numeral (1-10)
Counting by ones (1-100)
Counting objects arranged in various configurations (1-20)*

Mathematical operations
Representing addition/subtraction problem with objects (1-10)*
Representing addition/subtraction problem with equations (1-10)*
Solving addition word problems (1-10)*
Solving subtraction word problems (1-10)*

Creativity Unit
Creativity is a soft skill that is highly sought after these days. Intellijoy Kids Academy nurtures creativity in young learners through an introduction to the visual arts and music.
Art Expression

World Around Us
Creating a mental map of the world around us and then adding new understanding to that map over time is essential for effective and lasting learning. Intellijoy Kids Academy recognizes this fact and helps kids to build an understanding of the world around them.
Work & Recreation

* This Kindergarten curriculum component will be released in October, 2017

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