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Inspirio – Your pocket Zen Master.

Inspirio is like having your own Zen Master in your pocket!

Fast, lightweight & beautifully designed, our app was created to provide our daily inspiration for all, regardless of religion or personal beliefs. The content is beautifully presented and has been carefully curated over months of development to provide you with convenient access to the finest quotes, affirmations and content, with the goal of bringing you inspiration, joy and increased happiness – especially during difficult and challenging times.

The Inspirio app brings you:

– Inspirational quotes.
-Hundreds of carefully curated Buddhist quotes from some of the greatest thinkers and authors.
-View random quotes or all quotes in a list.
-Share quotes via Twitter.

– Daily affirmations.
-Stay focused on what’s important with dozens of positive daily affirmations.
-Helping you to achieve mindfulness and inspire your day, every day.

– Key people, authors and thinkers.
-Learn about key Buddhist figures, featuring dozens of profiles and photos.

– Timeline of Buddhism.
-Historical timeline of the Buddhist religion spanning from it’s creation to the modern day.

– Nine complete Buddhist books.
-Free library of PDF downloads of seminal Buddhist works, including:
The Art of Living, Manual of Zen Buddhism, The Way of Zen, and Siddartha.

We hope you enjoy using Inspirio as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

We welcome suggestions on how to improve our app. Thank you for considering Inspirio.

The Inspirio Team.