iMESS: iMessenger 12 (Pro Vesion)

iMess is message 12 pro version:
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More Theme
Send sms via wifi/3G/4G/2G/5G
imess features:
Free i Message over wifi, Data 3G/4G easy send sms not need money
👍 Send photo, video free via i Message for ĩOS 12
👍 Quick reply message on Lock screen
👍 Notification message on lock screen
👍 Show Message on inoty and icontrol os 11 now on your hand
👍 Emoji, animoji send free on message phone 8 plus
👍 Sticker for imessenger
👍 Call friends easy in i message
👍 3D touch support
👍 Edit message
👍 Send message group message with friends.
👍 New chat with new number phone
👍send audio via ĩmésãgẽ for ĩOS 11
👍 Send message with effects beautiful
👍 Set theme for imessenger 11
👍 3D touch support when hold avatar on imess.
👍 Quick reply on lock screen
👍 Notification on screen mobile or lockscreen phone.