FINALLY, a new tool for ADHD families that has parents and coaching professionals raving as “magical” and “amazing”. Are you ready to add some magic to your ADHD family?

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Being a parent is hard, especially when your kids have ADHD. helps these extraordinary families be productive in the ordinary world.

Relax… you got this!

ADHD families FINALLY have a tool designed to for their kind of family. Get stuff done. Rebuild self-esteem. NO. MORE. NAGGING.

iGotThis Family Edition is the first and only productivity tool designed for ADHD families.

Featuring our patent-pending Failsafe Reminder System, kids get repeated, unignorable push notification reminders for one-time tasks & recurring chores until they get started. Once started, kids receive periodic focus alerts to remind them of what they should be focused on in case they get distracted, until the task is complete.

Parents can set up REAL-TIME PARENT NOTIFICATIONS to alert them when kids start, finish, or (crucially) miss a task. Now parents can stay on top of things without hovering and nagging.

We also provide a BUILT IN REWARD SYSTEM that allows kids to earn tokens for getting stuff done and redeem them in the app for rewards. Parents have complete control over the number of tokens assigned for each task and the menu of rewards and prices.

Kids are also motivated with gamification as they “level-up” badges by completing achievements. We also provide inspirational messaging to remind parents and kids that ADHD is just the byproduct of an extraordinary mind!

Mobile App Features:
* Failsafe Notification System
* Realtime Parent Notifications
* Built-in Reward System with in-app Redemptions
* Gamification with Badges
* Inspirational ADDitives Messages
* Hierarchal Task Management (Projects -> Tasks -> Subtasks)
* Location Based Reminders
* An Easy To Use, Intuitive Interface in Calming Colors

Web App also Provides:
* Advanced Task Configuration
* Planning Wizards for Parents
* Community Forums
* Account and Family User Management

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Category: Parenting
Requirements: 4.1 and up