A solution for tracking and reporting several important markers of player and team performance. IceTrack allows for advanced tracking and reporting options to make your statistics more manageable and give you the edge over your opponents.

Easily track the following key indexes: Shots on net, Missed Shots, Blocked Shots, Turnovers, Goals. Assists, PIM, Plus/Minus , Faceoff Wins, Bodychecks, Shotblocks, and 2 custom fields for anything you want to record for a player.

Track Ice time – Either drag player jerseys onto the ice or click the line-change button, click the timer and you will get reporting data for any player on the ice during play. You can also record PP, SH, Attack, or Defensive specific time.

Shot Tracking – With each shot from your players or on your net, you can track where it was shot from and at what part of the net. You can review this along with scoring locations. Also, record penalties and goals to keep a log of all events during that game to review later. All data is linked back to your pre-configured opponent.

Did we mention voice control? That’s right, instead of punching buttons, you can click the mic and just say “Pass 55”, and that player will be awarded a pass. You can do this with almost any statistic and also configure the voice detection to your own custom phrase. Wifi/Data is currently required for this as it is handled by the Google Speech Cloud, which provides superior speech detection accuracy.

With the click of a button, you can have the game summary sent directly to your email in a CSV spreadsheet, ready to import into your favourite spreadsheet program.

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 5.0 and up