Oh no ice princess is pregnant and in labor! She needs your help as best gynaecologist doctor to complete her surgery! She is in pain and only you can help ice princess pregnant mommy in getting her ice princess baby! Get ready to operate in ice princess pregnant mommy maternity medical game!
You have to be the best doctor and nurse at hospital clinic as the ice princess favourite gynaecologist in surgery games and save the ice princess pregnant mommy from fatigue and pain! Only then can you save ice princess baby from trouble and get it in the ice princess snow land world!
The baby pregnancy emergency surgery ice princess medical games is located in the far away snow land where you are the only best gynaecologist emergency surgery doctor so the princess only relies you, your nurse and your hospital clinic in this surgery simulation medical games!
When ice princess pregnant mommy is in the snow land hospital clinic you and your nurse have to prepare and take care of ice princess pregnant surgery. Take different tests of ice princess before the operation. Which include temperature test, blood test, oxygen test, and ultrasound and then give her good anaesthesia before the operation emergency surgery.
Perform the best baby pregnancy emergency surgery in snow land so all the ice princess come to you. Also help ice princess find out if the princess baby ice baby is a baby girl or baby boy! Take care of the snow land ice princess till they are satisfied in this surgery simulator game.
It is very hard to please a pregnant mommy that too an ice princess pregnant mommy! So be careful with maternity surgery treatment of ice princess pregnant mommy! When starting the ice princess pregnant mommy maternity surgery, as a doctor make sure that she is calm in labor and prepare for operation and surgery.
As the gynaecologist you have to follow the following steps for a successful maternity pregnant mommy operation emergency surgery:
First take temperature of pregnant mommy ice princess
Check the blood pressure of pregnant mommy then give her injection if it is stable.
Check sugar level of ice princess pregnant mommy in this best surgery simulator maternity hospital and clinic!
Next level:
Prepare for taking oxygen level of ice princess pregnant mommy
Give ice princess pregnant mommy an oxygen mask because pain makes her feel gross and ice princess needs fresh air to breathe.
Next level:
Prepare for ice princess pregnant mommy ultrasound test.
Check the sex of the baby if it is ice baby princess boy or ice baby princess baby girl. You can only do that so easily in surgery simulator maternity emergency medical games.
Check the heartbeat of the ice princess pregnant mommy surgery simulator. You need to relax ice princess pregnant mommy before the baby pregnancy operation.
Lastly give ice princess pregnant mommy the best anaesthesia injection so it can numb the pain which will calm the ice princess mommy before baby pregnancy maternity operation.
This surgery simulator game provides mini games to unlock new operation tools, so keep those in mind.
It is time to conduct the caesarean ice princess pregnant mommy baby pregnancy surgery after the anaesthesia. You cut the ice princess pregnant mommy surgery simulator stomach to get the ice baby princess baby boy or ice baby princess baby girl!
To take care of the ice baby princess baby cut the cord and clean the ice baby and wrap it in a blanket to give to the mom which is the ice princess pregnant mommy who is no longer pregnant!
If you keep playing this fun filled surgery simulator baby pregnancy emergency surgery game, you can unlock twin babies too!

*** Feature of ice princess game***
Complete process of surgery simulator of the ice princess pregnant mommy
Provided medical surgery operation kit
Baby and mommy surgery simulator
Emergency surgery care process
Various ice princess and ice baby characters
Setting in hospital clinic surgery simulator

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Category: Casual Pretend Play
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up