There are a few hunting apps on the market these days, and even less tracking apps. Most are complicated and time consuming. And what happens AFTER you bag your game? With these issues in mind, we set out to create Hunter Tracker, the world’s easiest hunting and tracking app! This app was created for hunters by hunters. The same problems that you’ve face in the wild, we’ve faced as well.

* Hunting and Tracking Information at your Fingertips
* Ability to store an unlimited number of hunting blinds
* Game tracking GPS and guidance
* Graphical wind and scent direction indicator
* Up to the minute weather forecasts
* Graphical lunar activity chart
* Easy to use compass and direction finder

The compass image points to the standard compass needle points, a digital readout displays the exact bearing in degrees, and alphabetic symbols display the compass needle heading.

To use this feature, simply find the first sign of the animal’s trail and tap the MARK GPS POSITION button. A coordinate will pop up on the screen. Move on to the next blood drop or broken twig and mark that location. In the event that you lose the game’s trail, simply tap one of the coordinates and the GPS will guide you back to that coordinate.

Add as many locations as you choose. Hunters should also add the location of their vehicle just in case they get turned around in the woods. When you tap the ADD NEW HUNTING AREA button, a screen with two tabs will appear:”

The BY LOCATION tab prompts you to either choose the location you are at or type in an address. Once the GPS coordinates have been determined, type in a descriptive name and save the location.

The BY MAP tab allows you to zoom in on a specific area. Once you have found your desired area on the map, simply hold your finger on that area until the scent indicator appears. Then, just type in the descriptive name for that location and tap the SAVE LOCATION button.

Tapping a location on the list brings up a menu with four choices:

Show location on map will bring up the map of the location. If the scent indicator is not in the precise position of your choosing, just hold your finger on it until it is draggable, then drag it to the exact location. The slider at the bottom of the map can be dragged to display the wind speed and direction for any specific time during the next 5 day period. You can tap the button at the bottom to cycle through a choice of Street, Hybrid, or Satellite view.

Get directions to location will bring up a screen showing your CURRENT COORDINATES and the DESTINATION COORDINATES. Below that, you will see the DISTANCE TO DESTINATION and BEARING TO DESTINATION. Your CURRENT BEARING will be shown in red. Simply turn toward the destination bearing until both the BEARING TO DESTINATION and the CURRENT BEARING turn green. Then you just walk until the DISTANCE TO DESTINATION reads 0.

Delete the location will delete whatever location you tapped on. Delete all locations will delete every location you’ve saved. It will not affect your saved tracking coordinates, however.

There are three tabs on the weather page:
The CURRENT tab displays the current weather in either standard or metric. Notice the SCENT INDICATOR, the same one you’ll see on your HUNTING LOCATION page. By tapping the DOWN ARROW in the upper right corner, you can choose which location you’d like the weather to show.
The FORECAST tab displays the forecasted weather in either standard or metric, depending on what you’ve chosen on the settings page, over a 5 day period in 3 hour increments.
The LUNAR tab displays the lunar activity in either 12 or 24 hour time format, depending on what you’ve chosen on the settings page. Combined together, this data is a great indicator of game activity and the probability of seeing movement.

With all of this in one easy to use app, why not download HUNTER TRACKER today!

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up