“Genius” – Coveteur
“Amazing” – inStyle
“Very proud” – My mom

What’s Huggle?

Huggle is a social app that connects you with people who go to the places you go.
Huggle connects people (friendly or romantically) based on their interests and lifestyle!


Huggle automatically picks up your locations and adds them to your list of places. You can always delete places or add more places, by visiting locations physically or by importing them from Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare.


Huggle uses hyper-local technology and a one-minute photo verification process. Which means that nobody can fake their check-ins or identity.

See ya later Catfish and unwanted pics!

Are you ready to huggle?

Discover people who go the places you go. Connect and start chatting!

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Category: Lifestyle
Requirements: 4.2 and up