This app is powered by Snowboy ( Hotword detection.

Please uninstall the free version before downloading this one to avoid confusion 😉

Ever wanted to reuse that old android phone you’ve got lying around as an always listening mic and let it trigger a Tasker task? Or wanted to shout something else to your phone than the same old “OK Google”?

Well then this is the plugin for you!
This app does need Tasker to work! (, this is a paid app with a 7 days free trial)

Visit (NOTE Chrome doesn’t work, Firefox does), train and download the voice models you like (preferably on the device where you will run this plugin). Then you can add them in the plugin and the fun can start!
Yes you can listen for as many hotwords at a time as you like and trigger a different task for each one.
NOTE that when the listening service is running, the mic will be blocked from other apps. This ensures the best performance and speed, however if you want to use the mic in another app, you can simply disable and enable it from the notification (Oreo notification channels supported).
You can also control the state of the listening mode from within a task if you like, as to automatically enable or disable the listening in certain apps or quickly stop or start it using app shortcurts on your homescreen.

To give you a taste of what’s possible I already give you a few hotwords to play with, but since they are not trained to your phone’s mic it’s much advisable to train and download your own.

What makes this plugin so special is that it is powered by Snowboy. They built a C++ toolkit that is light-weight, offline, super fast and they included a website with a database where you can access a lot of hotwords that are already trained!
Since it’s programmed in C++ it only works for devices having an armv7a or armv8-aarch64 chip (I’m sorry for your intel chips).

To give you an idea of what you can do with it: I have an Nvidia SHIELD androidTV that has Google Assistant but no always listening support. So, I grabbed an old android phone, installed my plugin and whenever I say “Hey Google” it sends an adb command ( that starts Assistant!

For help please visit or or send me an email.

If you want to support the development even more you can always donate via and 13TkK3NmkjwnUBkZBYDnYXBBQm5myuLnqT

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Category: Tools
Requirements: 4.1 and up