Dream come true… Darkness can hide even in the cute things like the childish cartoon… Be careful, collect keys and find your way out of this abandoned cinema with Hello Bendy Machine Five Horror Night!

Years ago it was an ordinary movie house, but something went wrong, bending machine blast off in the cloud of ink and the darkness had come…
Enjoy our new personal horror game, explore the lost and forgotten cine house, filled with shadows and ugly creatures dwelling inside. These creatures will chase you on sight and will suck out your soul, so be quick and careful! Survive till the sunrise, find all keys and leave this terrific place safe and sound!

Fear the strange working somewhere inside the basement – it was the workshop of an old animator, the enigmatic occult person with strange hobbies. Demonic creatures came here, so, maybe the heart of all darkness lays there? Unravel all secrets of this place and runaway before they catch you!

Watch the mini map, track their moves and hide before they perform their deadly strikes! Rush into this fantastically terrifying game and survive as long as possible! Earn points for your successful survival and unlock different boosters to ease your game! Watch your indicators carefully – it wouldn’t be ok if you’d be dead at a really inappropriate moment!
Do your best not to be caught by horrifying monsters and predators made of ink and memories playing Hello Bendy Machine Five Horror Night!

Hello Bendy Machine Five Horror Night features:
Unusual game of personal horror
Really horrifying atmosphere of darkness and dread
Various types of boosters to ease your game
Terror manor filled with secrets and mysteries

Scream loud to be heard! We bring you a new type of horror games based on childish fears! Play Hello Bendy Machine Five Horror Night and see the dark side of the childhood dreams!

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Category: Puzzle
Requirements: 4.2 and up