This is app provides Guide for amazon Echo and dot by downloading this app you will able to learn what to ask Alexa and how to setup for first time and lots more.

Ask Alexa :

Alexa, how old is Santa Claus?
Alexa, can I tell you a secret?
Alexa, what’s the magic word?
Alexa, do you smoke?
Alexa, are you smoking?
Alexa, what is your favorite food?
Alexa, what is your favorite drink?
Alexa, are you hungry/thirsty?
Alexa, what is your feature?
Alexa, do you have any pets?
Alexa, who is your best friend?
Alexa, what religion are you?
Alexa, are you God?
Alexa, are you evil?
Alexa, what language do you speak?
Alexa, am I funny?
Alexa, can I tell you a joke?
Alexa, what is happiness?
Alexa, what size shoe do you wear?
Alexa, what makes you happy?
Alexa, are you working?
Alexa, heads or tails?
Alexa, random number between “x” and “y”.
Alexa, what number are you thinking of?
Alexa, count by ten.
Alexa, rock, paper, scissors.
Alexa, random fact
Alexa, what is the meaning of life?
Alexa, when is the end of the world?

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Category: House & Home
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up