Grid Watch Face for Android Wear!
Advanced interactivity with awesome customization features for Android Wear 1.x and Android Wear 2.0!

Use as Standalone app with Complications and add additional feature with companion app!

Grid Watch Face Features:
– Choose design and background color
– Solid color and gradient color with 3 types of orientation
– Texture background image
– Choose 2 different ambient modes
– Choose between 3 seconds bezel type
– Fully customizable widgets
– App shortcuts a touch away
– Display Cryptocurrencies price on center widget
– Display watch battery
– Display handheld battery
– Display weather with beautiful icons
– Display Google Fit Steps
– Display meetings number and next meeting title
– Display digital time and AM/PM
– Ticking or sweeping seconds bezel

The SETTINGS of the watch face are located in the Android Wear App of your handheld device.
Press the Gear Icon over the watch face preview and the settings screen will open!

!! NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 AND GEAR S3 !! (running Tizen OS)
– Android Wear watch with version 5.0 and above

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If you don’t like Grid Watch Face please refund or ask for refund. Any low rating without constructive feedback is not helping making this application better.

Please contact us on for any issue that you may have with Grid Watch Face and we’ll try to resolve it as soon as possible!
Also let us know what you think of our product in the comment section below 🙂

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Category: Personalization
Requirements: Varies with device