Don’t worry about the correct spelling of the places; we have launched GPS Voice Driving Route Guide: Earth Map Tracking application for voice place and route search on the map. Now you can find place and make route with just single tap on voice search button. You can search both places current location and destination by speaking.

GPS Voice Driving Route Guide: Earth Map Tracking is Location found and your personal application through which you can easily track all the locations and make route for go anywhere on the earth, Different maps view 2D map, 3D map and earth satellite map view.

GPS Voice Driving Route Guide: Earth Map Tracking app will show you the exact distance and traveling time between two locations with shortest and easiest path and also enables you to track your visited Locations or Places History during the whole Journey for later on use.

GPS Voice Driving Route Guide: Earth Map navigation is very simple and easy app for search city to city map and sees city satellite to view. Use offline map, navigation and speaking instructions of route. Location found app will be visible in device of the user. Search your loved locations in one tap. No Registration sign up account required.

It’s Simple way to find route your current location will be auto detect and you just write or speak the destination location to make auto route from current to destination just tap the Person Location Gps search app in your mobile, enter tracking id and start tracking locations within few seconds.

Location searching app is introduce the new feature is that if you not understand where are you then you open this location search app and tap search the current location, You can share the own current Location with friends, relative etc.
It is the best Location searching app for android.

Why is it special?

Location finder app has several distinct features that make it special.
– Very few permission required!
– Quick initial setup: no registration required, simply install this app and launch
– Quick connection setup: enter your friend’s “connection code” and that’s all, you can see each other’s locations

GPS Voice Driving Route Guide: Earth Map Tracking Features:

Its free enjoys all navigation features.
Searching the Location anytime and unlimited
Share location with friends and family
Search location with single tap
Make driving route with voice search
Find your favorite and historical places
Capture earth pictures from earth satellite view

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Category: Travel & Local
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up