Hi, I am Serena Miller. I used to be a normal high school student. But something happened. I got tangled into Regina, who is the Prom Queen of the school, and her boyfriend Nate’s affair. Now every move I make is being talked about.
Elaine, my best friend. She told me I couldn’t let Regina bully me like this. I need to do something. I need to protect myself. Don’t let Regina getaway feeling that everyone should be scared of her.
The people in this school have no mercy, only I can help myself. I will date Nate and take away everything Regina cares about. I will show her!

Download now you play the Gossip Girl 3.

Product Features:
Today is a new start for Serena. As the new girl, she will stand up to Regina!
*Nate is calling you to the prom party as his date
-Do a facial spa to be a better you to join the party
– Homemade moisturizer to remove the wrinkles
– Cure the headache pimples to have a flawless skin
*DIY your dress to be sparkle in the prom party
– Use the real tools to make the fantastic dress
– Wear a necklace to make you look prettier
– A matched pair of shoes is the plus point to your look
* The best dress should match with the best makeup. I also will use glitter to stand out!
– Complete your look with an amazing hairstyle
– Choose from tons of stylish makeup items
* One of the tips to become the Prom Queen is that you must impress at the party.
– Choose the best decoration for the party
– Fill up the drinks and prepare some cupcakes
Prom night is finally here! The party is going.
Let’s join the party to check what will happen! Will Serena become the new prom queen?
Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

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Requirements: 4.1 and up