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We are proud to present the original and best selling “Golf Ball Finder” on the iphone, that all golfers need to own.
Why pay 4x more for blue glasses, this app works better.

How many golf balls did you lose this year?
How many incurred penalties?
How much did those balls cost?

Never lose a ball again.
Every golfer with an iPhone will find this the simple way to find your ball quickly.

* Adjustable for Sunny / Dull weather conditions
* Adjustable for Grass type / Colour

How it works:

Filters out foliage and grass so white golf balls stand out against trees, rough and fairway.

A golf course is predominantly made up of browns, greens, and blacks (mostly reflecting from dirt, grass, bushes, twigs, etc).

Golf Ball Finder uses a special blue filter that eliminates all visible wavelengths except those at the blue end of the spectrum. This special filter virtually eliminates light reflecting off grass and the dark objects of the underbrush, thus high lighting white golf balls. Most dark objects show up only as outlines while the white golf ball appears to glow with a slight blue tint.

How to use:

Simple, start the app, aim the camera at where you think your golf ball might be and the blue filter cancels out the green of the foliage and grass and highlights your white ball. The ball will be instantly more visible on the screen.

And here’s the best bit – just find ball and this app has paid for itself!

Download Golf Ball Finder today, and get an edge!


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Requirements: 4.1 and up