How to lead a substantial life after a jerk ex-boyfriend?

In Girlfriends Guide to Breakup 1, Lisa broke up with her jerk ex-boyfriend Jack who cheated on her. Now Lisa is free to embrace a new life! What would she do?

Enjoy her time with BFFs, of course! They are the ones who would never betray her!
Beauty is her revenge to those who think little of her! She will become more beautiful than anybody could ever imagine!
Learning and practicing is the key to success on Lisa’s music journey. She will catch the one chance to amaze everybody of her musical talents.
Perhaps an opportunity of a new relationship? Her music partner Aaron asked her out for a first date. But this time, she will be more thorough and confident! And definitely, sweeter!


Beautiful makeup and dressup makes a new Lisa!
Shopping with BFFs is always the best!
Practice piano and play a duets with a violin!
Fix the broken instruments!
Design your own flower bouquet!

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Category: Casual
Requirements: 4.1 and up