Extremely unusual racing simulator. Departing on the road, the driver does not suspect what he is going to face. Above the diversity and severity of obstacles, the developers of the new game have worked hard to glory. You will certainly get shivers from intricate traps that will meet on your way.
If you are a fan of risky racing tracks and crazy drive, then for sure remember the rather popular at the time the game Happy Wheels. The new video game will in many respects remind it, but there is one main and very important advantage, it is released in a three-dimensional format with remarkable physics.
In the new racing simulator Guts and Glory you will not have rivals, the main rival is the track itself. And your only goal is to get alive to the finish ribbon. Hardly you can remain unharmed, because on the way to you and your passengers can meet such deadly traps as flying metal arrows, ruthless circular saws, traps, sharp thorns. And this is not a complete list of “surprises” that await you in the new game. During the ride you can easily get into the next tricky trap, and the race for you will end with death. If you lose a certain part of the body or get a deep wound and blood pours everything around, do not stop, even in such a catastrophic condition you can win the race if you still manage to reach the finish line. The main thing is that the player’s head is not hurt. Most likely you will have to die many times and again pass the distance in order to make the correct calculation and avoid all the deadly traps.
In a weird, but pretty fun (if you’re not an ardent opponent of black humor), the Guts game has a very large list of vehicles to choose from. You can use gyroscope, ride in a wheelchair, take a bicycle with a child, jump, technique with rocket engines or trite to get behind the wheel of a ridiculous car. Naturally, the technical and functional characteristics of each vehicle are very individual. Some of them carry extremely dangerous cargo on board, which you will have to transport. On the road you can fool around, making races, wherever you want and on the fly knocking down civilians who usually do not pay any attention to you, they are busy with their own affairs. All items and buildings in the simulator can be destroyed and broken.
In a ruthless game, you open about a hundred stunning imagination tracks in ten unique locations. In addition, each player can create their own crazy tracks and show them to friends so that they can try out your creation, and you in turn run on a track invented by your friends. During the action-track, so that life does not seem to honey, you will need to collect the so-called checkpoints. This is a mandatory condition for passing the level. In this racing simulator there are no training tracks, as in traditional races, they are here to nothing. When you start arriving, you should figure out how you can outwit murderous mechanisms and avoid danger, so that you do not get knocked down in the real sense of the word.
In crazy races you can feel not only terrible pitiless traps, releasing your guts, but also the dynamism of weather conditions. Sometimes it will rain, or snow may fall. A clear, sunny day in this simulator is replaced by an impenetrable night.
Download crazy death races and you will not be bored for sure, searching for hours of passing through various levels of complexity and intensity of passions. Go through everything and try not to die too often.

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Category: Racing
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up