The gangsters of New Orleans are now in action to take revenge from the Andrea’s gangster. In the 3d open world downtown city of real gangster you will be acquired by the most challenging missions to steal the real auto of mafia lords in San Andreas. In the dangerous streets of San Andreas you will experience a great race in which you need to chase your opponents in dark nights to become the thief lord of criminal world. Drive your auto fast, keep your gun alert and avoid cops & Special Forces to shoot & target the underworld empire of mafia gangster lords. Dominate to fascinate the criminals of Andreas city with devastating firepower action. You can also knock down enemies by few hard kicks & punches to show them their doom. Do not show mercy on anyone who stands in your way to destroy your theft vehicle. So let’s start to play the amazing time treasure gameplay to enjoy the thrill & adventure of car racing & fighting in the dark streets of Andreas.
In the city of mafia gangsters, you have to fight against the deadly criminals & fighters who are freely roamed to destroy the peace of San Andreas. Grab your theft auto to drive in to the streets of Andrea’s & downtown to catch the real estate criminals. The downtown underworld mafia & gangsters are highly equipped by the armor & munitions. You need to drive your auto speedily by avoiding obstacles, mobsters & dangerous hurdles. Robbing & stealing auto in the San Andreas now become the easiest theft. You are the real time treasurer of the San Andrea’s to save the auto from theft. The crime lords of auto theft are highly acquired by the automated gun fire machinery to dominate the grand gangsters team. Show your incredible power & abilities of fighting & punching on the streets of secret Andreas.

• Classic San Andreas city environment
• The real gangster theft action game
• High quality of HD graphics

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Category: Action
Requirements: 4.1 and up