Gallery Guardian is an app that helps you keep your children safe on their smartphones. Uniquely powered by systemic software that can detect full or partial nudity in photos, Gallery Guardian sends you alerts when inappropriate images are being created or saved to your child’s photo album. With Gallery Guardian, you can protect your children without invading their privacy or installing spyware onto your child’s device.

“This app brings parents peace of mind that there is technology working for them.” – Huff Po UK

“Parents worried their children are swapping inappropriate pictures and selfies with friends or even strangers online are being offered a smartphone app to automatically spot suspect images.” – The Telegraph

“Finally they [parents] have been given a tool to fight back against the alarming and potentially dangerous phenomenon of ‘sexting’” – The Daily Mail

“It’s all about putting power back into the parent’s hands.” – The Sun

With Gallery Guardian, you can:

1. Receive alerts if any sexually explicit photos are being created or received to your child’s smartphone
2. Know where your child is at all times with our quick view child locator
3. Set a geo-fence with customized options and receive alerts when your child leaves school or arrives at home
4. Access resources to learn about the best way to initiate a conversation with your child about healthy and responsible smartphone usage

*NOTE: Parents will not have access to their child’s photo gallery through the Gallery Guardian app. No images are shown to the parent, the app sends just an alert to the parent’s device.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

How it works:

1. Install the app on both parent and child’s device.
2. Pair the two together.
3. After an initial sync and scan procedure, if the app detects a suspicious image it alerts the parent.
4. Gallery Guardian’s free version supports scans of up to 25 images and unlimited child location tracker. Parents can upgrade to a monthly subscription for unlimited scans.

Privacy matters

Gallery Guardian never stores your children’s pictures or provide you access to their photo gallery as spywares do.

We use the highest encryption technology available today and we continue to work with security experts around the world to make sure that your data is safe.

Category: Parenting
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up