Are you ready to play the all new 3D shooting game Futuristic War Robot Transformer Bike from robot fighting games?

Then hit the install button and download the science fiction game based on the real steel robot fighting shooting games.

A futuristic laser shooting game where you can select your favorite autobots and start the battle game with the evil robots. A game play where you will find futuristic transformers on a journey to save earth from the villainous decepticons by using laser shooting robot bike.

A simulation games where evil robots are out there to destroy the earth in future battle and the autobots have to transform depending on how strong the evil enemy is for robot fighting as a real steel savior robot.

Futuristic War Robot Transformer Bike is a science fiction game featuring super quality 3D graphics with the latest weapons and fully equipped real steel autobots to destroy the evil robots.

A robot flying games in simulation game where you can use your futuristic transformers skill and transform the autobots into flying robot bike and use your laser shooting power for car shooting the decepticons. A savior robot of the 3D shooting games world who has the power to use laser shooting. Car transform yourself when you need to fight the flying robot car.

A war in sci-fi world has struck between the robots of the outer space and they have chosen your city to fight the future battle in this futuristic robot fighting game. Now it’s
YOUR time to become the real steel super robot and save earth. KILL THEM ALL!

The latest technology is used to transform robot into flying bike. You can enjoy the bike attack feature as well with the flying bike transformer.

Game Features:

 A simulation games offering three different game areas; City, Jungle and Desert.
 Two different futuristic transformers shooting games mode.
 Free mode and carrier mode with variety of robot bike.
 Carrier mode has level based missions.
 Laser shooting four different enemy to play with as you rise to other levels.
 Variety of 6 different robot bike transform options to select from.
 10 different stars based robot fighting levels hard to play; there are three sci-fi stars to
 You can buy the 6 different robot bike with the help of coins by watching videos.
 6 different flying robot bike with 6 different qualities of Cheetah, Tiger, Panther etc.
 Autobots will have to fight with Villainous decepticons like drones, flying robot bike
and enemy robots in future battle.
 Option to turn off/on the game sounds.
 You will have a choice to transform from robot to robot bike transformer to flying
 All the robots have the power to laser shoot at the enemy
 Enemy navigator which will help the Autobots to navigate their enemies.
 Power booster to regain the power.

How To Play Futuristic War Robot Transformer Bike

Click PLAY to begin the robot fighting 3D simulator shooting game.
 Select your favorite featured bike robot from the 6 different very cool robots.
 Start the game and follow the target.
 See, what every level demands.
 Kill the decepticons coming your way.
 Transform robot into car robot with laser shooting power, Bike transform to flying
bike robot.
 Once you’re done with the robots, shoot on the flying robot bike enemy to complete
the level.
 Move to next level once you reach the target.
 Unlock more robot flying cars and select from the gallery which one suits you best!

A futuristic Transformer simulation games that will give you a tough challenge between the villains of the robot fighting game. It’s high time to end the war! Be ready to receive surprise laser shooting. Kill the enemy robots, dangerous flying robot bike attack, drones and much more. Boost your strength every time you get shot or you’ll die!

Beat the enemy, soldier! Save earth and be the super robot of the millennium. The world is waiting for your help!

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Requirements: 2.3 and up