Funny Animals – Kid Games by Recorp Games is one of the best and most entertaining Google Play games for kids.
It offers the possibility of interacting with animals while we play different and fun educational games.
With a simplistic and colorful menu, we will learn to look for animals, differentiate the sounds they emit, interact with them through the touch screen of your mobile or tablet and have fun playing the game of bubbles!
Full of children’s music and colors, Kid Games animals offers the support of attention and cognitive stimulation so young children need.
Game details:
Game 1:
Card game. Search for pairs of animals hidden behind the letters shown on the screen. It offers several screens with the animals changed of site. Find them if you can! Each pair of animals found will emit their sound.
Game 2:
Game of forms: Look for the animal that corresponds to the shape drawn on the screen and drag the animal to your site through the touch screen of your mobile or tablet. Each animal that finds its place, will emit its sound.
Game 3:
Sound game You hear a lion’s roar … what animal emits that sound? You must find it and click on the correct animal. Two different levels.
Game 4:
Fun bubble game. The animals have been trapped in bubbles and we will save them by exploding the bubbles with your finger! Up to 6 levels followed by a game in which we must find among all the bubbles the animal of the round in which we are.
All games can be played over and over again no matter how long it takes. Music will continue to sound and amuse children (and parents).
Contains buttons with links to other applications, there are no purchases integrated within this application.
The free app contains ads.
The payment application, does not contain ads.
Please, if you have been interested in the application and you want us to continue creating similar ones, give yourself a little time to think if you can (or want to) buy the payment application. For Kid RecorpGames is very important your contribution to move forward.
However, if you want to continue using the free applications will always be welcome and forever and ever: thanks :).
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Requirements: 4.1 and up