Try this building blocks game today to explore in this endless world.
world made of bricks from a large range.
This world can be generated flat or with mountains, trees, flowers, water and so much more.
building games are largely loved around the world. it improves your imagination, your skills, your adventure skills, your instincts.
you can build something simple as a simple house and you can build a shelter underground, a castle, fortress, bridges, there is no limit to what you can achieve with the verity of blocks that we supply.
the game is built in a 3d engine with beautiful full HD quality resolution.
the endless terrain makes it impossible to not build amazing and powerful exploration cities.
we made it easy to save your progress, it is auto-save. it is simple and easy, very easy to return to your already saved world. nevertheless, it is even easier to start from scratch…
make all your dreams come true, build block on top of block. dig into the ground, use the bed to rest, toggle to television on and off, you also have a fireplace you can use.
entertainment is 100% guaranteed! free to use, though ad-supported to cover our servers and development endeavors
feel free to contact us with any comment, feedback or request. our support team is eager to hear from our fans
hope you enjoy and rate ★★★★★

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Category: Adventure
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up