Most of young boys & girls dream of becoming crazy surgeons or er emergency surgery doctor in some surgery hospital or become an ER Emergency doctor nurse in an er emergency room. Make your dreams come true with Foot Sole Surgery Simulator in surgery hospital! Where you experience being a super crazy fun doctor in er hospital full of crazy doctors, cure patient & perform the sole surgery simulation in hospital games! It’s the best sole surgery doctor game, open your own surgery hospital treat patient waiting for you in sole surgery hospital! In Foot Sole Surgery simulator the injured patient suffer from kinds of foot & nail problems like painful infections, fractures, wounds, germs, various abrasions might need an er emergency foot sole surgery simulator & nail treatment. Use tweezers to pull out the thorns & put some ice on the big purple swelling, disinfect the wounds with a cotton ball to save the foot from leg infection. Make crucial decisions check the blood circulation, carry out surgeries & all kinds of other medical treatment on patient as you are the only master surgery doctor in er hospital operation games. Every patient has a different injury & you will have to treat them. Many patient are coming to your er hospital in an ambulance to get treatment in operation games. You have been appointed as crazy surgeon in Master Surgery Simulator games & now it’s your duty to check blood circulation & treat injured patient. Be the master crazy surgeon simulator to perform crazy operation game. In Ankle Surgery you get to perform surgery like a doctor on patients with broken ankle.

Gain experience to become the expert foot sole surgery emergency doctor. Help the poor patient, so they can feel better again with an amazing doctor treatment. The er emergency surgery room is well equipped with all the medical instruments, injections, re fillers for the medications, scalpels, dropper & tweezer to perform operations in hospital. Before you start a treatment, wash all the dirt from the injuries. Pop blisters with hand, spray the abrasions, remove calluses and peel away the dead skin with a foot-file. Use tweezers to pull out the thorns and put some ice on the big purple swelling. Disinfect the wounds with a cotton ball to save the foot from infection. Some of the patient have fractures in the foot bones, use x-ray to see them and then tap with your hand fingers to heal the broken leg. Here comes a new patient to get treatment from Foot Sole Surgery simulator doctor. Open the doors & take him to the er emergency treatment room for ankle surgery. Ankle twist or sole stress and injuries can turn your life into a disaster. To avoid any other damage from leg twist, prepare for the er emergency treatment of sole surgery simulator now. The forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot bones need different treatment in the matter of severe injury i.e ankle twist, various tools are required to handle the surgery simulation. Call the knee surgeon simulator & anesthetist and all other surgery simulator doctor on duty to keep a check on the patient while you carry out ankle twist treatment.

– Use modern medical tools as a professional surgeon.
– Look for ankle broken bones with an x-ray machine at hospital.
– Clean the injury with cotton.
– Make an incision for the sole surgery.
– Open the skin wider to look inside the foot.
– Stitch up the cuts & wounds of the foot surgery.
– Put ice on swollen feet to bring down the swelling!
– A huge variety of medical tools to operate including scalpels, tweezers, needle to stitch the cuts, medication syrup, creams, cotton and much more

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Category: Educational
Requirements: 4.0 and up