In Fatty Rabbit Hole, you’re an affable rabbit who is, as rabbits do, falling down an endless hole. This is serious work, so you’ll need to eat as you descend, but not just any food will do – you crave only the finest junk food. Eating disgusting healthy foods, like vegetables, will make you sick. And if you puke, you’ll lose progress toward completing the round, so try not to blow chunks!

Battle your way against an assortment of crazy characters, through 12 unique rounds, 4 mini-games, and 3 challenging boss rounds, as you attempt to conquer the Fatty Rabbit Hole!

Featuring fully hand-drawn art and a classical soundtrack, Fatty Rabbit Hole was made to look and sound like a living cartoon.

Inspired by the comedic work of Matt Donnelly and Pual Mattingly, and their podcast, Matt & Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social.

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Category: Arcade
Requirements: 4.0 and up