The far frontier is the combination of two popular game genres three in a row(match 3) and strategy. Here you have to fight with AI using one field three in a row for two. Adhere to tactical and strategic decisions to achieve victory.

Grandiose empires are being built and destroyed. You are the king of your people, your empire is destroyed, nature itself was against your kingdom. But your power has not lost its strength, people still believe in you and in the world that will be created on the ruins of the old empire. All those who survived after the great flood went after you in search of new lands. After equipping the fleet, you went to create a new empire in new lands, unknown before that time. History is written by the winners and this should be your story.

Near Adonia, our ships overtook a storm. Adionia is a treacherous land belonging to bloodthirsty orcs, and the forests are teeming with various creatures, legends go that dragons and immortal elves used to live on these lands. But you have no choice, your people need a home. Your enemies already know about your presence, their world is under threat.

Among your people there are not a few heroes capable of resisting the military game of your enemies. The fort that you managed to create must be kept at all costs, your enemies possess an uncommon weapon capable of destroying the Armies, Castles, Forts. Their warriors are set for a lightning victory. The military machine is launched and it can not be stopped.

• A new look at the match 3 and the strategy
• Use tactics and strategy to win
• Develop your fort
• Explore the military craft.
• Create a variety of weapons
• Train and equip the army of your warriors
• Find Heroes to fight evil
• Tame the ancient dragons
• Collect mysterious runes
• Learn the magic
• More than 30 levels
• Siege and battle towers
• Many races, orcs, spiders, zombies and others
• More than 15 types of enemy warriors
• Advanced AI
• Use field features three in a row to achieve goals
• Does not require an internet connection.
• The game without the Internet and wifi
• no internet required games

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Category: Strategy
Requirements: 4.1 and up