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Now let’s explain the purpose of our app ; You know that having a lot of followers , and fans on musically depends on the content you are posting , your musically videos influence your account’s stats more than you think ! What about simulating followers and fans if your musically videos couldn’t do the work ? Well , this is the purpose of our app ! You can prank your friends and make them believe that they can get 100 000 followers and fans on musically in just a couple of days , You’ll be known among your friends for your since of humour ! Cool isn’t it ? ?

How to get those followers , likes and fans ?
This is quiet easy ! Just follow the steps below :
STEP 1 – Download and install our app
STEP 2 – Choose how much followers , likes , and fans you want
STEP 3 – Confirm your choices
That’s all ! Remember that having Musically app installed on your device is a must . Now you’re ready to simulate millions of followers , fans , and likes for your videos ! Have fun with your friends playing with this filters musical for followers . You will all have fun with musically editor app .

It’s not an official app . This is just a simulator app !
This app is not a real tool that boosts your account or gives any likes or followers . It is just to have fun with friends and family .

Category: Productivity
Requirements: 3.0 and up