Fair Budget Calculator

This app will help break down your paycheck with a Budget Calculator and give you responsible guide lines on what you should do with your money to accomplish a proper budget. The Fair Budget Calculator app gives different income budget styles as well such as 1 or 2 biweekly incomes or 1 or 2 weekly budget incomes it even accounts for 1 weekly budget incomes and 1 biweekly budget incomes. If you only have 1 budget income put “0” in the other box and hit “get distributions”. The reason this is called “Fair Budget Calculator” is because it is capable of taking 2 budget incomes and basing it on how much each person makes it calculates how much of a percentage of bill budget each person should budget, (in my opinion that is fair and responsible financing and budgeting). The goal is to be able to save money and pay all of your bills for the month out of a “budget Bills” checking account on the first of the month every month all while having spending money every paycheck and money to help pay off principal balances of any debts you may have in your budget. If you are currently behind in your bills the best thing to do is step back and calculate weather or not you make more than you spend in your budget. If the Fair Budget Calculator app displays any negative values under “distribution ” you make less than you spend and you need to get rid of a bill like cable or maybe a cell phone in your budget. you have to make more money than you put out in order to be successful in your budget. The next step is to follow the Fair Budget Calculator app but don’t use your bills money until the first of the month unless you have no choice. For the first month or even few months if you need use your debt and savings to pay bills as they come in that is astill a responsible budget. Always leave your spending money for spending it helps you with your discipline on your budget. Then on the first of the month use your bills to pay your budget amounts (weather you owe that much or not, having a credit can help if a budget set back occurs) once you can pay all of your bills out of the “budget Bills” checking account on the first of the month you can then use spending money for spending saving for saving and debt for paying off credit cards or auto loans maybe even your mortgage if you have one.

Now some things about the Fair Budget Calculator app, you can name up to 9 monthly bills that are a part of your budget and enter up to 9 monthly amounts that are a part of your budget but if it’s less than that you must enter a “0” in every “bills amount (monthly)” slot so the algorithms can do there job for you and create a responsible budget. Also if you only have 1 budget income select the page for your paycheck type (biweekly or weekly) put your paycheck budget amount in one slot and zero “0” in the other budget slot for the algorithms to do there job.

For any questions on Fair Budget Calculator App or suggestions please email me @ [email protected] Thankyou and enjoy