When you are practicing aerobatics (or setting up a competition site) there is no really good way of setting up some box markers to identify the F3A ‘box’. Most often you will see someone kneeling on the ground with a sighting board moving about on top of a transmitter case, with some guys guessing where 150m may be (and its usually a big guess), and trying to position the box marker poles. There is lots of arm waving and phone calling to sort out where they should be placed.

Being a keen F3A pilot, I have come up with something of a solution to these problems – F3A Zone.

This android app is a ‘reader’ for iPhone F3A Zone Pro files. I hope to eventually add full functionality, but currently you need a friend with the iPhone version of F3A Zone pro. Note it must be the Pro version!

1. Your friend with an iPhone sets up a F3A box using their iPhone and the F3A Zone Pro app.
2. Be sure you have installed F3A Zone Pro Reader on your android phone.
3. Get them to email you a box ‘EmailedBox.f3a’.
4. Click on the ‘EmailedBox.f3a’ file, and select F3A Zone Pro Reader to open the file.
5. After the box loads, you can ‘locate’ yourself, and now head to a box marker position to erect the pole.

Sorry there is not full functionality on Android yet.

Remember you can save various boxes locally on your phone, and therefore have access to them anytime……..

It is an app for iPhone and is available for FREE on the apple app store (just search for ‘F3A Zone’).

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 2.3 and up