Start your construction today! Create your infinite fictional world!

Enjoy this endless paradise. with this amazing Exploration Craft Game!

Build, destroy, move, fly, delete, jump and craft. And all this for free !!!

There are over 200 different items in your inventory to build separate rooms including a living room, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, a private garden, a house for animals.

Easily place the standard blocks that you want to install and use them to build something, you can build everything you can imagine (house, street, castle, cities…)

Choose creativity or survival mode, or you can play online with wifi mode.

Move through this endless world in flight, save your work, and play again later.

Everyone loves Kraft games, they have become popular all over the world; You can start with a few blocks and gradually build your empire.

Explore and start developing your dream. You can use many different items, so you can create your ideal Kingdom. The game is infinite, which makes it so intriguing.

There are no limits to your creativity and imagination!You may also need to combat against evil monsters in the evening using the weapons mined and crafted in the daylight.
Build a shelter to survive cold nights and share your worlds online.

-2 modes: Survival and Creating
-A ton of free skins and maps.
-Single Player mode is best
-Mobs and Zombies
-A lot of different biomes and the unique topography;
-Works over Wi-Fi and 3G, 4G and LET



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Category: Adventure
Requirements: 2.3 and up