Even – organize your money, get paid early

Even is the money app that plans so you don’t have to.
Now with Instapay, so you can get paid between paychecks. (Available only for employees of select partners)

— Get paid early
Use Instapay to access earned wages ahead of your scheduled paycheck. (Available only for employees of select partners)

— Plan ahead for bills automatically
Even’s built-in intelligence finds your bills and makes sure you stay on top of them.

— Know what’s okay to spend
Even tells you how much to set aside for upcoming bills so you know what’s okay to spend.

— Safe and secure
Even is protected by military-grade encryption. Our systems are audited for security and compliance by Wells Fargo, one of the nation’s largest and most respected banks.

Does Even offer loans?
No, Instapay allows you to access the wages you’ve already earned. There’s no interest, and it’s not borrowing because it’s your money.

Does Even work with any bank?
Even works with over 18,000 banks, but some smaller banks take a long time to send data to the Even app, so your experience with the app may not be super awesome. We wish we could make things faster for this handful of banks, but there’s only so much we can do.