Equipment Touch (ALC)

The Equipment Touch App allows you to connect an Android phone or tablet directly to an Automated Logic controller via the Rnet Port to view or change its property values, schedule equipment, view trends and alarms, and more.
Once connected to a controller, the Equipment Touch App will upload the custom Equipment Touch view file that is stored in the controller. When that file is fully loaded, the Equipment Touch App will communicate status and parameter values and will allow the app user to navigate the screens built for equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. If the user has the matching view file saved on their device, the app will allow that view file to be loaded from the device rather than getting it from the controller. This will save some upload time.
If no custom Equipment Touch file is loaded in the controller, the Equipment Touch App will provide access to system screens which are built into the app. The system screens provide limited access to the controller, but can be useful for basic troubleshooting.