Embark gives you FREE and up-to-date charts/nautical maps in your pocket, crafted using data from Hydrographic Offices from a number of countries. A smooth user interface makes it easy to use and the ability to customize your personal Embark chart / nautical map makes it yours. You can highlight and focus on the important chart/map details, create routes and tracks, add your own places, and share this content with your friends! Tailor your own personal nautical charts/map to adapt to your needs!

The FREE version of Embark gives you:

FREE MAP UPDATES – Both the online charts/maps and offline chart/maps are updated when the Hydrographic Offices update their data.

A ROUTE PLANNER – It’s easy to create routes with waypoints in Embark.

PLATFORM DIVERSITY AND ACCESSIBILITY – Embark is available on mobile devices and desktop machines. You can sit at home and create your route from a PC and when you open your mobile or tablet, the route is automatically available!

FOLLOW ROUTE – Embark is designed to let you focus on enjoying the trip and less on the chart / nautical map. You can tilt the map in 3D and get the important chart/map information streamed towards your position while moving.

CRUISING GUIDE – Information about places are added by boaters and made available for the entire boating community. In the Cruising Guide, users can enter marinas, fishing spots, anchorages, beaches, restaurants, etc. and add pictures and write reviews. Just within the last 3 months, more than 25,000 places have been added to the Cruising Guide! You can search for named places or places within a category e.g. anchoring places or marinas, and get the result listed or shown in the map nearby your position.

TRIP TRACKING ¬- In Embark, you can track your trip and the time it took to complete so that you can refer back to previous boat trips and share these tracks with friends.

NIGHT AND DAYLIGHT MODES – Blinded by the bright light from your cell phone in the evening? Difficult to see the map details in sunlight? Not if you are using Embark! You can easily turn on night and sunlight mode to avoid these problems.

STAY AWARE : You can highlight low bridges or underwater rocks to watch out for.

FIND YOUR FRIENDS WHILE BOATING – You can add information about your boat and share your position with your friends. You can also find your Embark friends while boating.

In addition to the FREE content, you can subscribe to:
AIS – Find all boats using AIS transmitters shown in the map.

The PAID Version of Embark:

MARITIME WEATHER – A detailed maritime weather forecast that shows water and air temperature, tides, waves and more, wind directions and strengths etc.

OFFLINE CHARTS / NAUTICAL MAPS – With this version, you can download your map and personal content that you have added or received form your friends (places, tracks, routes, etc.) and view it on your handheld devices. Thus your personalized charts / nautical maps will always be available, even when the network is unstable! If you choose to take a break in your subscriptions, you still have access to everything you’ve made for FREE in the online version.

We offer offline maps for:
Europe: Norway, Germany, UK, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Croatia
For Sweden, you must purchase a package consisting of offline and online maps.
USA, Australia and New Zealand.
We continuously launch new countries!

You can subscribe for 30 days, 6 months or 1 year. Choose the subscription model that suits your needs best.

For more information: www.letsembark.io

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Category: Maps & Navigation
Requirements: 4.1 and up