DrugStars – #GivingByTaking

“Imagine if every dose of medicine taken worldwide generated a donation to better health care! That is the vision of the DrugStars global movement” says Claus Møldrup, PhD, former professor of social pharmacy, founder @ DrugStars.

Just take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor, and you will earn stars – therefore DrugStars.
The DrugStars app lets you use the stars to activate donations to charities – and it’s free. In addition, we also offer you access to health-care vouchers that support your life with your disease.

You will get a reminder to collect your stars at the time you have entered as your time to take a dose of medicine.

– You get 1 star per dose you take as prescribed by your doctor.

In the app you can also earn stars for doing other things.

– You get 50 stars for reviewing each of your medications – only eight short questions.
– You get 50 stars for signing up for news on surveys and clinical trials.

One star corresponds to 1 cent. It doesn’t sound much, but everything counts in large amounts, and an average patient collects 1000 stars a year. Think what thousands of patients can achieve in a global movement of DrugStars.

It is easy.
1. Download the DrugStars app and register your medications.
2. Just continue to take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor.
3. Get rewarded with DrugStars for taking your medicine.
4. Donate your DrugStars to charities, and we will ensure they are converted into real money.
5. In addition, you get health vouchers that make life with a disease easier.

After collecting 150 stars, you become a bronze member, 300 stars a silver member and 500 stars a gold member.

All types of member are entered into different raffles where you can win entry to health-related events.

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