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Are you a Martial Arts enthusiast? This is the game for you!

Dojym Fighter is the first martial arts game,that includes the 10 martial arts best known in the world,and techniques typical of each discipline.

Dojym Fighter is the first fighting game closely related to the one Mondial Social Learning of Martial Arts: Dojym.com!

If you like martial arts this is your game!

The 10 most practiced martial disciplines will be available in a fight to the death:

-Muay Thai
-Kung Fu
-Wing Chun

Each character has skill,different techniques and combo,typical of each martial art.

10 fantastics scenarios available,resuming faithfully the most commonly associated to martial arts best known in the world!

3 game modes available:
Story (challenge and time), Multi player (online challenge) and Practice Mode (learning)!

In the Story mode you will discover the thrill of combat with all the characters of the game up to the level 10,where cracking the mysterious and powerful Ninja,creator of the tournament Dojym Fighter!

At the achievement of victory you will get your final time and you can compare with your social friends of Dojym!

The Multi player news,it will allow you to challenge with very high resolution your online friends of Dojym.com!!!

The Practice mode will help you to learn the moves and martial arts,in a scenarios for unlimited time with opponent property; pressing the various buttons you can check the effect of your shots.

+ Beat all the characters in the shortest time possible!
+ On reaching the 5000 downloads of Dojym fighter, the world ranking will be activated in time mode!
+ Share your results on social
+ When you reach the 6000 downloads you will be able to share your results on FB and the main social!

!!!Attention fighter!!!
->Before leaving a negative feedback please contact us, we are a small startup consisting of 3 guys always ready to solve the problems that can happen.
Maximum availability! This is our philosophy.
Negative feedback does not solve the problem, so we invite you to dialogue and find a solution together!

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Category: Sports
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up