Get Dog Translator Simulator for free and use it whenever you want. Make your dog your best buddy and communicate with him as you’ve always wished.

Do you want know what you dog say? If answer yes – download our app. We analyze a few 
thousands records dog’s voices and get some results. Results which allow our do it

translate a dog voice.

Talking to your dogs and puppies. Dog and puppy sounds. Fun dog and puppy game.

I created this app because I love dogs and puppies, and want to talk and play with them.

Dog Translator Simulator is a prank, works as a phrasebook-translator for dogs and puppies. Translator offers its version of words in dog language, phrasebook contains the most popular sounds and barking.

Of course this app is only a simulator! You can use it to make a good joke! Just run the dog translator and say the message. Translator will pretend to translate your words for dogs! It will play random audio files with dogs sounds. 

The communication problems with your dog are over with Talk With Your Dog. You will no longer return to blackmail him with rich cookies or explain things with sign language that as little understands and so much rage it gives your dog.

FEATURES of Dog Translator Simulator:

Several cat voices (male dog, female dog, puppies)
The most used common phrases-commands!
Wide range of language models for a content conversation with dog!

Dog Translator Simulator – a fine way pull a prank friends or family and play with your pets. Make believe that talk with pets. Its fun.

Attention! Dog Translator Simulator app – just a joke and in fact does not translate for canine language and repeat.

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Category: Entertainment
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up