Detoured, the anti-sexting app, can stop inappropriate images from leaving your child or teen’s device before they’re sent.

Detoured will help you:

– Stop kids for downloading or storing inappropriate images
– Block kids from sending inappropriate pictures taken with their mobile device
– Alert parents when an inappropriate picture is taken or downloaded
– Quarantine questionable images
– Inspect questionable images; parents can approve or delete them
– Receive immediate email alerts for app tampering

And it runs silently in the background on your child’s device.

Detoured was developed as a parental control in response to the unfortunate and widespread practice (at increasingly younger ages) of children sharing inappropriate images via their smartphones. Children’s future academic and career opportunities are being compromised at an early age due to school and legal troubles resulting from cyberbullying and sexting incidents.

Detoured provides security that your child will not (knowingly or inadvertently) distribute pornagraphic images and be accused of cyberbullying or breaking the law. It’s the most comprehensive anti-sexting parental control for preventing the sharing and sending of inappropriate images.

Get Detoured and start protecting your children and teens today!

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Category: Parenting
Requirements: 5.0 and up