☠️ In this dynamic and frightening thriller, you have to investigate the mysterious things happening in your neighbor’s house. Beware! What you can find in the basement of his home can be too frightening. Your neighbor is a dangerous person and does not tolerate incursions, so beware of him! Avoid all the traps and video cameras with which his home is crammed, and find out what terrible things he does there!

️ The gameplay is an interactive quest, where you yourself will be the main character! The camera with a first-person view perfectly conveys the atmosphere, so the game will be very realistic. The plot at first seems uncomplicated – you just moved into a new house and now want to meet a new neighbors from the house opposite. However, this is not so easy. The neighbor turns out to be a closed and unsociable person, whose house is always locked in a dozen castles. To that the yard of his house is completely covered with traps, video cameras and other traps. Strong sounds, like the screams of horror coming from his home from time to time, also frighten him terribly. To top it off, you often notice how a neighbor game digs some pits in his yard. Obviously, something mysterious and terrible is happening. Your task is to overcome your fear and figure out what’s wrong!

☠️ You have to sneak into the house of a terrible neighbor, bypassing all of its traps and surveillance cameras. But not just cameras need to be afraid! The neighbor himself is a dangerous person, and he certainly will not tolerate an invasion of his home. Act as secretly as possible and remain unnoticed – otherwise you will not be able to leave the neighbor’s house alive!

Get to the truth and do not let the neighbor commit new evil deeds!

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Category: Adventure
Requirements: 4.1 and up