Welcome to D.M.P-Dating.

“Where Misery Loves Company”

D.M.P. is a dating site for people that possibly feel intimidated by the other big 3 dating sites. It’s a place for people to come together and feel comfortable sharing their lifestyles, interest and concerns honestly.

The idea here is for D.M.P. users to get past all the fake statements and false claims that occur in new people meetings, to show true emotional feelings and beliefs before surviving the first 3 encounters and discovering that this person doesn’t fit your needs or desires.

D.M.P. was created to give people with not so perfect lives a place to be honest and comfortable sharing. Who’s life is perfect?

Misery is completely subjective to each individual. Ex: A member might be 50 years old and still living at his parents’ house, a member might be having a hard time getting over the passing of a family member, or a member might not have any family or friends in their life and let’s just face it… some people are just miserable in general. Misery is what each person considers it. There is no ranking or measurement for the level of discontent or unease in an individual’s life. However, the opportunity to meet others, share situations and experiences in an honest and real dating platform may just bring some relief, happiness, content and joy to people’s lives.

If this site can bring people together and introduce honest, real dating then D.M.P has accomplished its mission of transitioning the online dating world into a more realistic and inviting environment.

You don’t necessarily need to be miserable, just have the desire to date honest and openly. Let’s be honest….nobody is perfect…we all have misery’s and “Misery Loves Company.”

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