Fully functional smart diabetes management system. This device has it all, but before we show you, let’s see what our users say! 
This device & app for diabetes management that has been featured on TechCrunch, Healthline, Diabetes Daily, Diabetes.co.uk, and other leading medical and tech review sites!
Whether you have type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, or even prediabetes, you should check this out! The app is free to download and intended to work with the Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System, but it can be used as a standalone diabetes self-management app.
Since life can be pretty busy, the Dario app comes complete with 4 key components, all in effort to help you manage your diabetes. With Dario, you can track your blood glucose levels, carb intake, insulin, and physical activity.
The app works by itself or in tandem with the all-in-one Dario™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System.
· Apple HealthKit Integration – our app is fully integrated with Apple HealthKit, affording you greater capabilities to manage your health.
· Hypo Alerts with GPS – Dario allows you to enter up to 4 contacts and in the event of a hypo, we’ll automatically prepare an SMS with your GPS coordinates that you can send.
· Diabetes Snapshot – log into the app, and you’ll see your measurements from today, or the last 90, 30, or 7 days. The range indicator will give you the motivation to keep up the good work or to take it up a notch.
· Carb Counting – you’ll be empowered with thousands of food choices that allow you to monitor your carb intake. Try searching our extensive library, then just tap and add the food of your choice, and then we’ll take care of the rest – truly a piece of cake!
· Control Solution Testing – allows you to perform a control solution test from a dedicated screen.
· Automatic Post-Meal Reminders – Whenever you make a pre-meal measurement you’ll have the option to get a post-meal measurement reminder.
· Real-time, easy-to-access and shareable information – your diabetes data can be accessed anytime through your mobile devices and through the web portal using your log-in credentials. Share your logbook directly from the app to your doctor or loved ones.
· Data insights, analysis, and pattern recognition – understand why your blood glucose levels act the way they do
· Resume & Go – When you’re going from our app to other apps and then back to our app, we’ll take you to the screen where you left off, to ensure you have the ultimate Dario experience.
· Add and track your carbs, calories, and insulin. Carbs and calories are simple to find and add from the FatSecret food database.
· Syncs with RunKeeper and HealthKit

E-mail suggestions, improvement requests, and feedback to info@mydario.com
Download now and check it out for yourself!

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