For all of the calculations simply fill in the values and touch ‘Calculate’

ET calculator calculates ET 60`,ET 1/8,ET 1/4 and Trap Speed from Engine HP and Weight.
The HP calculator gives you the Wheel and Engine HP from 1/4 ET and Weight.
To calculate the Gear Ratio you will need the RPM, Tire Diameter and Speed. It is also possible to calculate MHP, Tire Diameter and RPM.
The Converter Slippage Calculator gives you the slippage of your converter at a given RPM and speed.
With the Nitrous Flow Calculator you are able to calculate the Nitrous and fuel Jets for different type of nitrous systems like Fogger or Plate. As well you are able to calculate the Flow rate of Fuel and Nitrous for a given pressure.

For a little practice the Sportsman Practice Tree.

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Category: Auto & Vehicles
Requirements: 5.0 and up